About us

Good Food gives Good Mood & Good Mood Gives Health & Wealth.

About Us

We were doing well with our homemade mommy-granny pickles and our customers asked “why don’t you try to share and supply us our childhood memories?” We were shocked and then our customer said, by tasting our pickles, he got to remember the taste of his granny pickles from childhood and so the nostalgic memories turned back in his life. Wait!

It doesn’t stop there. We thought let’s bring back even more memories to all our customers by offering exotic and rare fruits & flowers too. These so called exotic varieties were street fruits & flowers which vendors used to sell in our days. We started offering products like Thati Munjalu, Thati Tegalu, Regi Pallu, Eetha Pallu, Kale Kayalu, Bikki Kayalu and many more. This generation might not have even heard of a few of these fruits, but we used to buy them in front of our school gates every day, Didn’t we, Happy Customers?


Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us


We love what we do

Many of these products can be instantly customized and packaged with special messages for almost every occasion.


Our working process

All we can say is, Taste it once and you are sure to come back for more – Our pickles are a feast to taste buds in every bite because we mix a special ingredient which no one else does and that is